I resolve . . .

. . . to be a better blogger this year. Seriously. I do. That's why I'll be changing things up a bit around here.

In other news, what's the fun in ringing in the new year without a few resolutions? Here's what I'm hoping to accomplish in 2012:

- graduate with my BS in social work-- 4 1/2 more months, baby!
- get a "big girl" job
- move out of Logan-- this place has been mighty good to us, but it's time for a change.
- save money-- I don't expect to have enough money to do or buy anything of worth, but I am excited to not put every penny earned towards a degree.
- travel-- I don't discriminate as to where that is. I have VERY low expectations. I will even accept Idaho.
- read-- textbooks do not count.
- get to know family members better (on both sides)-- the older I get, the more I realize just how precious family is.
- be a better friend-- I must say, I have always taken my role of "friend" very seriously, but who couldn't use an even awesome-r friend?
-find more inner-peace-- sounds all new-age and weird, I know. But while this blog may need a new direction, I never want to stop working on discovering what makes me fab-u-lous.
- say "I Love You" more

There are plenty more goals I have resolved to tackle, but they shall not be named on the internet at this time.

2012, I am SO looking forward to you; I have a feeling you will bring many surprises, lots of learning, and tons of fun. Eeeek! I'm so excited!

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