the short version

A list of things I've wanted to blog about, but haven't had time:
  • J-Dub's birthday extravaganza
  • secrets
  • menstruating for 6 weeks (and counting)
  • graduation from COLLEGE
  • trust issues
  • in-laws
  • house apartment shopping
  • grad school
  • moving
  • moving
  • moving
  • boob staring
  • living a half-hour from everything
  • hubba hubba and pappy: Navis bff's
  • my extra sweat glands and an 80 degree house
  • getting a job as a caseworker for DCFS

Oh, and here are some realll quality pictures at the end Jordan's birthday scavenger hunt because I never had time 32 days ago. Sorry no loving tribute, husband.

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