being clever requires too much energy right now, so i'll just have areally long title to make this seem more interesting than it actually is

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack.

Here are the random thoughts swimming around in my head lately. Hopefully they'll somehow convey what's going on in the life of Mo and Jo these days:

We finally found an apartment that (keeping our fingers crossed) meets our standards, and is totes adorbs. Good news is on top of being awesome, it's super cheap. Bad news is, we don't move in till August 5th. Boo.

Obviously, with a new lease on an apartment, I put my dreams of being a home-owner on the back-burner for a little while longer. Which, I'm actually happy about; it makes going to grad school a greater possibility.

J-Dub has been deemed mostfantasticistemployeeinthehistoryofeverness and keeps getting his hours bumped up. He went from being at 20 hours a week to 40 in just a few weeks. We be ballin' now.

Work for me is going swell. Not gonna lie though, it's hard stuff. Sometimes I wish I could vent about the horrible things I see and deal with, but that little teensy-tiny thing legislation dictates called a confidentiality statute makes that impossible. Which is a good thing; no one wants to hear the details. They keep me up at night. 

My car is the bane of my existence. I don't even want to give it the satisfaction of talking about it.

With that said, we're trying to build credit so we can buy a car in October-ish. Soooo, we just had to get an RC Willey account and buy bedroom furniture. Actually, the Walton's wanted to give us a set for graduation, but I can't accept gifts like that. Cause I'm a fun sucker. We split the cost. 

I had to go through the arduous process of getting licensed, but I can officially say I am a practicing Social Service Worker. You can now refer to me as: Morgan Walton S.S.W. The test and paperwork I had to go through to get that title demands it! ;)

Living with little boys has confirmed to both Jordan and me that we are good waiting to have kids for a while. A long while. At least I have many, many, many, many an opportunity to practice learn patience. 

Connie Poo-Poos is moving in with us next month. Good thing about living with your own brother instead of your in-laws is I don't give a crap if he sees me in my underwear. His eyes, on the other hand, most certainly will. I'm so ready not to have curious little boys walking in on me as I get dressed after a shower. (And don't start thinking "well why don't you just lock the door?" Trust me people. It's not like I wouldn't if I had the option.)

Having a big-girl job has seriously limited us on the getaways and fun we've been able to have this summer. We did make it to Park City again for our anniversary, Oakley for the 4th of July Rodeo, and . . . no where else. Woo. I do get to go to Ogden and Clearfield and sometimes Bountiful on a daily basis though. World traveler, I am. On a positive note, a major perk of a big-girl job is paid time off-- and lots of it! That deserves a whoop whoop. Maybe we'll finally get further away then California together. 

That's all my fingers want to type right now. I'm an hour and a half past my bedtime, being an old lady with grandiose titles and responsibilities and all.

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