Try a Little Tenderness

I read a certain popular blog today, and I am irritated . . . One of those reasons being the way the author put some stranger on blast. Yuck. Therefore, I shant be guilty of doing the same, even though I want to scream at all of this person's followers and tell them to STOP READING THIS STUPID BLOG. (Chances are, most of you are indeed followers. Ugh.)

Anyhoozers. There were good things that transpired from reading that post:
  • I saw a person from my past that gives me severe anxiety today, and memories of all the painful things I went through as a result of their actions and words came flooding back to me. I am often tempted to vent and tell the world how bad I was hurt by this person, but not anymore. All that will happen is that I'll be the one who ends up looking rude . . . and whiney.
  • I read that post, and write this one from work-- a place where I deal with mean, crotchety, self-serving, entitled people for 8 hours a day, (jealous?) and right after I read the post, a very unsavory woman was here, taking her aggression and sleep-deprivation out on me. I was surprisingly motivated to take her crap, make her as happy as possible, and refrain from drowning in self-doubt. (I tend to let mean people make ME feel bad for who I am, when really . . . blah. Who are they?!)
Anyway, while this post isn't the greatest display of my aspirations, I never ever EVER want my blog to be dedicated to my personal woes and complaints. How old does that get? SO. If, as lovely readers, anyone feels I'm standing a little too long on any sort of Negative-Nancy soap box, please kindly let me know. I know how annoying that can be.

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