I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready*

*I have no idea why this came to my head when I was thinking of a title. Somewhere in my subconsious, I'm ready for the school year, I suppose . . . That, and I also like to repeat irritating sayings to Jordan. Thanks to his least favorite cartoon for this one.

It wasn't until I decided that I would write and "end of summer wrap-up" that I realized this is my last true summer e.v.e.r.

What a depressing note to end on, eh?

This made me think: if I would've been more limin, would I have done things differently this summer?

Answer is (luckily) no.

Jordan and I packed in as much fun and travel and lallygagging as anyone young/cool/envy-worthy could.

Highlights from this summer include:
  • celebrating our one year anniversary in Park City
  • camping
  • playing with little brothers (on both sides)
  • Bear Lake
  • game nights
  • buying Jordan's man-truck
  • motorcycle/man-truck/late night drives
  • too many frozen yogurts
  • countless trips to SLC
  • play dates with my mom
  • finding treasures at my grandpa's house
  • baseball games
  • gardening (our vegetable planting endeavors were much more successful this year than last-- I guess we're just so much more domestic with a year of marriage behind us)

Things we'll be forgetting about our summer:
  • getting hit (both of our cars)
  • nasty neighbors
  • sleepless nights (our apartment cools down to a chilly 82 degrees at night)
  • working different schedules
  • family drama
  • 2 James' admitted to the ER
Summer was delightful and fun-filled. Let's hope we'll be able to say the same about senior year (eek!)

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