Are You Smarter than a College Senior?

In thirty years I imagine I'll look back on my twenty-year-old self and have insights on life that I would wish I would've known back then. Sometimes, when I'm in the middle of wasting my thoughts and time with insignificant worries, I think about the life lessons I will learn and the wisdom I'll have acquired.

  • While standing on the outside looking in, the life of those around may look perfectly in sync with that of a dreamy fairytale; this will very rarely be true. We all want to display only the best parts of ourselves, our loved ones and the relationship we have with them, the adventures we encounter, and the life we lead. Few people's life is more glamorous, fulfilling, or happy than the one you live. Quit comparing yourself to others-- often, from their perspective, the grass is greener in your neck of the woods anyway.

  • When you are loved, love back. If you're not loved, love anyway.

  • There will always be work, cleaning, and sleep to be caught up on. Take the fun when it comes.

  • Tomorrow is never a guarantee. Suck the marrow out of each day. And while we're on the subject . . . sometimes your practicality needs to lay low. Stop getting caught up in thinking, "what does this really matter?" Instead, do and be and see and get what you love simply because in that moment, it makes you happy. Sure, you could die tomorrow, but do you really want to spend your last day living in logic, rather than love and life and fun?

  • Don't be driven by guilt, and don't use guilt to get what you want from others.

  • Nothing is more attractive than confidence. Hold your head high, believe in yourself.

I'm sure as I continue to mature, and strap life lessons under my belt, my list will grow. I'll continue to document them, if only to remind myself how to live my best life. For now, these things give me plenty to work on.

What are your life lessons? What is my list missing?


  1. Are these your words or quotes? They're very inspiring.

  2. They're my life lessons so far. So yes, they're my words :)