March Misery

Of all my faults and bad habits, I must say, I dodged the soda addiction that many here in Utah suffer with.... Diet Coke seems to the Mormon booze in these parts.... Then, freshman year happened.

Enter The Marketplace. Add on top of that, a really cute boy who just so happened to be in a committed relationship with Coca-Cola. (I wish you could see what his shirt says in the picture... It's Coca-Cola in Arabic. I tell you-- he is obsessed.)

My life was officially ruined.

That is how this:

Turned into this:

Therefore, in the Walton home, we've started the 31-days-till-we're-so-cranky-we-end-up-divorcing Challenge. In other words, a whole month without even a lick of soda. Doesn't that sound delightful?

Please, join us for this exciting event. I can promise it won't be fun, and I can't promise that it will be worth it. But hey, what else do you have to do this cold, ugly March?

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