We were talking about celebrity crushes the other day at work, and for some reason, everyone thought I was a bit . . . eccentric for my choices. Besides the obvious one, here's my freebie list:

The Joker. No, not Heath Ledger. This psychopath gets me hot.

I basically showered in his sweat and spit and loved every.freaking.second.

I will admit, lusting after a 76 year old may appear creepy. But a 76 year old Anthony Hopkins? Girl, please.

Something about him reminds me of Jordan (he LOVES when I compare the two), but man-oh-man. The Bill Haverchuck dance sure puts me in the mood. One of the many reasons he makes my top 5.

If you smooshed Bill and his best friend Sam together (just look at their dopey/puppy dog expressions), it would make Jordan. Which, duh. Totally makes me love him too.

Isn't he the cutest dang thing? I love this show. All the best ones only last one season. Blast.

So, there you have it. You can totally understand now, right? RIGHT?! 

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