is butter a carb?

I often make undetectable references and receive obligated pity laughs. Or blank stares. My life is fun.

If I'm being honest, I must say . . . I sorta hate Pinterest (GASP!). It's beautiful and entertaining and inspiring, and then suddenly . . . it's not. I have gotten a few brilliant ideas, of course (RE: my mother in-law's Christmas  gift-- hallelujah! Hardest woman on the planet to find gifts for. . . Love you, Frankie!) But it annoys me that everyone's weddings look exactly the same, and their houses, and their gifts, and their decorations, and their LIVES. I miss originality. I miss creativity. I miss making something and not having everyone assume I got the idea online.

HOWEVER, I do not miss my life before these pretzels. People. If you ever want to experience true, intense, incomparable bliss, make these (on the off-chance that you're in the .01340198 percentile (is that even the right use of "percentile?" statistics has never been my thing. . . ) of the population that hasn't already).

Mmmm . . . buttery, salty, carborific goodness.

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