homemade Christmas gifts 4.0 and 5.0

As I said before, I found a version of my mother-in-law's gift on Pinterest. She's difficult to shop for, so I thought this little wrapping center was adorable for the woman who has everything . . . 

I took some creative liberties to transform the idea into something a bit more personalized.


I drew Jordan's cousin Morgan this year. I started about 3 different projects before deciding I didn't like any of them. Morgan really wanted a free hamster on Black Friday this year, but she didn't get one. . . Until Christmas Eve!!

I decided to attempt crocheting for the first time, and made these little guys. (My dear Emily gave me crocheting lessons before I started. She's like. The best at everything in the world. Bless her.)

They got a bit excited when I put them in their cage, and pooped all over. Imagine that!


Overall, our homemade Christmas gifts have been a hit, and I'm glad to finally have the messes from all of our projects out of my apartment. I hope it was a very merry Christmas for all. I've already started the countdown for next year!

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