13 is my lucky number

Last year I made some resolutions. It's time to report my results, and look forward to the new year.

1. You better bet your bottom I am now a college graduate! Graduation was May 5 (which I didn't attend), and I landed my first "big girl job" May 14. 

2. Refer to above; working for DCFS has certainly taught me a lot. I mean, a ton. Not only about my field, but myself. 
3. We are now residents of the SL,UT once again. I have to laugh a bit at these first few goals, because at the time I was so freaking excited for all the changes 2012 would bring me. Now, with so many responsibilities on my plate, I so miss my life a year ago. Full of fun, socializing, sleeping, little Logan . . . an overall much simpler life. When will I ever learn to enjoy the "now"?! 
4. Jordan and I definitely have more expenses at this point in our life, but I do feel a bit more financially stable. We've been able to build our credit, make big purchases, and pay down some debts. I've been really committed to saving a percentage of every pay check, and my new addiction is watching our savings account grow.
5. One of my favorite memories with Jordan to date was our California trip during spring break. Jordan was scared out of his little mind to take the Infiniti on a road trip, but we talk about how much fun we had during that trip at least once a month. Now that we have a new car, Jordan is especially insistent that we go on more road trips. And I'm not arguing!
6. I did read more, but still not as much as I would have liked. My to-read list is growing too, so I think this is a goal I'll carry on through 2013.
7 & 8. I've really worked on all my relationships; with that said, this is a goal that I don't feel has an end to. I want to always do and be better to those around me. The thing I am hardest on myself about is the way I treat others. I want to be kinder, I want to be softer. I want to be less judgmental, more giving. 
9. Gee whillikers, this is another one without a measurable outcome. Sometimes I feel pretty awesome about myself, and other days, I feel so little. I keep going though, and I think that's worth something . . . 
10. I hope those in my life never doubt my love for them. I am so lucky, and so grateful.

As far as 2013 goes, I'm simplifying my list. 

- Do something big that scares me. Something that doesn't feel like "Morgan."

- Finish 3 whole books. I know it sounds pathetic, but I have about 107 partially read books. I need to finish something!
- Get off soda. As was noted last March somewhere along the way in my relationship with Jordan, I picked up the ridiculous soda habit. I gotta kick it.
- Cook more, and be more inventive/adventurous in my cooking.

I really am giddy about this year. It definitely feels like 2013 will prove to be lucky.

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