My name is Morgan and I'm a doormat.

That's what everyone at work tells me.

You see, working at an agency that deals with this population of people, and that is organized. . . in the way that it is . . . has really highlighted my personality traits.

There have been several circumstances lately with my superiors as well as clients that have my coworkers whispering in the halls "She is too nice. She needs to be more assertive. She will never make it around here if she doesn't become more calloused. BlahbibityblahblahBLAH."

People tell me my perspective on life will change over the years. And I certainly believe it will. But I hope not in the way that they're implying. 

I do not believe compassion and kindness equals stupidity. I don't believe finding the goodness in people and situations makes one inexperienced or naive. I believe choosing to find light in the darkest of places is the very definition of strength. 

The cynicism of those around me has only made me more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I've been the recipient of plenty of hateful and cruel behaviors, intended to make me feel less. I know how it feels, and I never want to do the same to others. I learned early in life that everyone you come across is fighting a silent battle. 

So wipe those shoes all over me.

Annnnd here are some pictures of my office because no one reads posts without pictures. It's a proven fact. And everyone wants to see where I spend my life, Monday through Friday, 8-5. I'm just sure of it.

Pretty classy joint, eh?