a tour of my closets and other significant things

Isn't being busy the lamest excuse ever for not doing something? Everyone's in the same busy boat, I know. I really just need to step up my blogging game. Whoopsies.

Lots of things have happened since I last posted: Our 3rd anniversary (say what?!), both of our last days at work, being deathly ill, and moving to a foreign land! Anywhoozers, we are moved into our apartment, and adjusting to our life in Seattle.

I am realizing more and more that Utah is a planet all it's own. Every single day there's something totally new or different to me, which is equal parts fascinating, exciting, and terrifying. 

I'm liking our apartment more each day as we put things away and my anxiety disorder settles. The closets are probably the best part of this place. They are huge. Like, I don't even want to show pictures because the massiveness of the closet displays the piddly-ness of my wardrobe. Meh. That fact is obvious when anyone sees me in real life anyway.

A more complete house-tour to follow. Maybe.

And now more riveting facts about the wonders of our life . . . 

  • Our milk carton looks like this:

  • This is a wonderful picture of the view out our windows:
It's really much more magical and interesting in real life. Swear. You can also see several bridges that lead to the city, and more of the city-scape. 
  • We walked through a mall the other day to get to Target. And I pushed a cart all the way through. We then brilliantly realized there's a private entrance which does not require one to push a cart through said shopping mall. I felt so cool.
  • I completely understand why people get pets now. If I didn't have Jordan here with me in this new, busy, noisy city, I would totally break the strict "no pets" policy at our complex. I wouldn't survive without some sort of companion!
  • We pay $125 a month to park over 3 blocks DOWNHILL from our apartment. Ask me how fun bringing groceries in is.
  • I feel like at all times, no matter where you go, you can see water. It's like the mountains in Utah. I actually really love living by the water. And man, does it keep the temperature much cooler. Love.
  • Speaking of water . . . I think the tap water smells/tastes like pool water. I really do love a chlorine-y smelling shower. Jordan reports he gets more of a "hose water" flavor, which is much less pleasant.
So, there are some very important facts about the area. I think this is one of those posts that you read and think The information just bestowed on me has made me much more cultured, and sophisticated. And to that I say You're welcome.

Really though, I'm going to get my life in order so I can give more regular and exciting updates. Get ready to hold onto your panties.

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