handsome, kind, and fully educated

He did it!!! I'm so proud of him.

Since Jordan wouldn't be able to walk at graduation, or even have a party with friends and family (yes-- we are total loners here), I planned a surprise graduation "ceremony" for just the two of us. Cheesy? Maybe a bit. But celebrate we must; it's been long 5 years getting here.

I ordered a couple t-shirts about a month ago, along with a cap and custom tassel. He was ordered to put on his attire, and listen for his cue. I gave a personalized speech, presented him with his diploma, and he threw his cap into the air ceiling. It really was so much fun celebrating his amazing accomplishment. Love you, my college grad. You are so smart-- now you have the paper to prove it!

this picture cracks me up . . . he looks all emotional

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