labor-free Labor Day

Did I mention that Jordan got a JOB? Did I mention that job has a SALARY? Well, there you have it. He's just so grown up these days. Oh, and I think I also forgot to note that I got a 4.0 my first quarter of grad school. Wooohoooo! We were feeling pretty proud of ourselves, so we took a mini-vacay during the long weekend to celebrate and explore different parts of Washington. Friday night we saw DMB at The Gorge Amphitheater. Can you say Dream Come True?! We decided to sit in the general admission seating because um, hello? The view was amazing. Also, we had to pay $9 a hot dog, soooo. Gotta save money somewhere. It was a great concert, but I was bit transfixed by the crazy lady in front of us doing things that shouldn't be explained on this here blog. I'm telling you though . . . she was outtahermind-psycho. I wish I could've focused better on the music, and not the naked person.

^ don't worry, this is not the lady referred to above^
Also, please forgive me for the terrible iPhone picture. They certainly don't capture the fabulousness of the view. 
Saturday we drove around the apple orchards, and went to a cute little shop called Cider Works. We also went to Ohme Gardens

The Evergreen State Fair was going on in Monroe, so of course we went to that. It was a great way to spend our last weekend before Jordan had to start waking up and being all professional and such. 

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