the beauty of cable t.v.

Since so much is going on, (and Jordan is asleep-- how rude!) I figured I better update this while I have time... Two posts in one day (or should I say hour), even on vacation? Wha? 

As I mentioned in the last post, we're in Jackson right now. While we're having all kinds of fun, perhaps one of the best things is lying in bed watching t.v. We don't have it at the apartment, and I'm beginning to wonder why....

I've discovered the perfection that is "Heavily Ever After" on TLC, and Lifetime's "Coming Home".

After a high school senior, soon-to-be college football player was reunited with his dad who's been serving in Afghanistan, Jordan turns to me and says "Look what you've done to me... That was like, touching!"

I'm glad his own emotions distracted him from the tears welling up in my eyes.

I promise we're doing more than watching t.v..... I'll update about those adventures later. (probably when Jordan falls asleep early again tomorrow night...)

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