look how it shines for you

My grandma recently died due to complications from dementia, and my mom has been remodeling her house. She had this piece in her kitchen that she salvaged from my g-mama's home when Marjie moved to an assisted living center once her illness got too intense to manage:

I forgot to take pictures pre-sanding and such, so it was in a bit better shape than this, but not much... 

can you see the old-school handles? Vintage, but not quite right for what I was going for.

Anyway, she was going to get rid of this, and I just had to have it. Of course, it would need some work, but it's all wood, and full of history and character. There are so many little details that aren't replicated in furniture nowadays. Who could pass up a piece like that? 

Jordan took me down to Salt Lake at 8 o'clock on a Wednesday night (never mind that he had to work at 5 the next morning), we loaded it up, and drove straight back up to Logan.  

Hours of sanding, cleaning, and painting later, I finally finished this family heirloom.

Jordan likes it because "now we need a bigger TV"

I love keeping things in the family, and luckily, I've gotten so many awesome things from my grandma. She had great (and expensive) taste, so we have some classy things for poor newlywed students. (Ew, that sounded arrogant.... really, that was a compliment to Majorie B, not me!) I miss her so much, but I'm glad to have pieces of her memory scattered throughout our little home. 

paint= Canary Song by Glidden
knobs= Hobby Lobby

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