Spouse Sleepover

Spring break is this week, and I decided that since we'll be working the whole time, we deserved a little vacation from the monotony.... We're in Jackson Hole right now... but that's another story. The solution? A spouse sleepover! Yes, I realize we have "sleepovers" every night, but this was different. 

We ate tons of junk food and watched movies and slept on the floor and I tried to have a massage train (meaning Jordan would start at my feet and work his way up.... he wasn't into it), and slept in way too late.

 Isn't that what any great sleepover looks like?

Jordan was given this on Monday

I told him to smile.... I bet you can't even tell it's forced, right?

Our Menu:

Pigs in a Blanket 
Cheesy Garlicy French Bread
Jalapeño Cream Cheese Poppers
Spinach Artichoke Dip with Pita Chips
Veggies and Dip
Sparkling Pineapple Juice (this was my gram Morgan's fav.... Pineapple Juice with Sprite. Fancy, I know.)


Mini Cupcakes 
Rice Crispy Treats
Cinnamon Hot Lips
Chocolate Fondue 

OK, so it's not the most refined menu, but then again, neither are our palates.

We gorged ourselves with enough refined carbohydrates to last us till our next sleepover-- I was thinking we should make it annual thing-- and then woke up with body aches good enough to make us question that whole annual thing....

Goodness he looks young! Oh wait... he kinda is. Fitting for the occasion, I suppose.

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