a brief overview of the 5 things we did this summer

Starting a new job always makes me nervous to ask for any time off. Therefore, the extravagance of our summer fun was inhibited-- but only a smidgen! So we didn't make it halfway around the world . . . that just means we've become pretty savvy at finding the adventures right in our own back yard.

from top left:
1. Snowbird Resort / / 2. Lagoon / /
3. Utah Lake / / 4. Oakley Rodeo / /
5. Utah Bees Baseball

We also made it back to Park City for our anniversary in June . . . but those pictures are too sexy to post ;)

I would argue that we live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. We are lucky to have such easy access to an array of activities-- it makes staying close to home all summer long pretty easy to do.

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